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March 5, 2024

Webflow DEV LINK - Chrome Extension: Elevate your Webflow experience with the DEV LINK extension

Chrome Extension

Meet Dmitry, a freelance Webflow Developer at Saddle. He's been working with Webflow for over 4 years and, like many of us, has faced some frustrations with the platform's slow adoption of developer-friendly features. But here's the exciting part – Dmitry is on a mission to make things better! He's kicking things off with an awesome little extension that's small in size but big on impact.

Purpose and Functionality

The Webflow DEV LINK extension is designed to make your life easier by simplifying how you add scripts to your local project and link them seamlessly to your Webflow site. This comes in handy when you need to write a script, and the regular way in Webflow is just too slow and inconvenient.

One cool thing in the extension is the QR code generator. It's a handy feature that quickly directs users to the staging version of your site, making testing a breeze, especially on mobile devices. No more dealing with long URLs – just scan the code or share it easily through messaging apps!

Plans and Enhancements

The journey doesn't end here. He has ambitious plans to elevate the extension's capabilities further:

  1. Page-Specific Dev Scripts: Soon, you'll be able to add a development script to a specific page, avoiding the global application across all pages.
  2. GitHub Integration: Get ready to effortlessly embed minified code onto your site by seamlessly integrating the extension with GitHub.
  3. Local Project Integration: Picture this – linking your local project with the extension, so when you launch the project, the script is smoothly inserted into the page, hassle-free

The sincere hope is that this extension becomes a game-changer for users, simplifying their workflow and alleviating common pain points. Feedback is not just welcomed but cherished—it's the best support one could ask for. Contact Dmitry directly through this Email.

Download the Webflow DEV LINK extension from the Chrome Web Store or find it listed as "Webflow DEV LINK."